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Hotel Le Val de Poix       Hotel Le Val de Poix

Located right in the heart of the Ardennes region, the hotel is placed in an unrivalled natural setting.

The village of Poix offers a well-conserved natural environment into which the hotel is integrated, to such a point that its double structure is connected by a walkway that overhangs the Lhomme, the river that runs through the hamlet.

       Restaurant Comme chez nous
Called "Le petit Paris" in the 1950s, Poix is ideal for a weekend of exploration or relaxation, whether as couple or family... or even for a business meeting.

New Rooms!

Ce 3 avril, nous avons inauguré nos 10 nouvelles chambres, entièrement rénovées par l'architecte- designer international Baudouin Fettweiss.

What to do?


What to see in the region

A wide variety of activities is available both within the hotel and locally In addition to the information available online and updated regularly, we can give you advice on-site to make your stay unforgettable.

Discovery trip by bike
Discovery trip by bike


The region is brimming over with things to explore, whether "nature" or historical and even legendary sites. Whether you're looking for culture, sport, relaxation or nature, you'll find it here!

Abbey district beside the basilica
Abbey district beside the basilica

Spring time !

Come and enjoy the nature: fishing, walking, nordic walking, fresh Belgian beer in our pub and comfort and local food in our restaurant

 Package Nature

3 days/2 nights

119 Eur pp.







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